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The Way of a Collector : Bruce Lee and I (Edition 2)

Autobiography and PhotoBook

Fatherless at the age of seven, and now one of the biggest Bruce Lee collectors, Lionel Boulet tells the story of his life, his journey and his passion for the first time. Discover his moving story that "links" him to this legend.


- The first book on the personal journey of a Bruce Lee collector !

Lionel Boulet was born on March 19, 1979 in Chalon-sur- Saône, a municipality located in Burgundy (France), a city rich in art and history surrounded by beautiful countryside, full of historical and culinary delights, a source of pride for this "Chalonnais"! Saddened by the passing away of his father at the age of seven, modestly raised by his mother, he was unconsciously attracted to Bruce Lee who would become a kind of "substitution father figure". For the first time ever, he presents his original, cathartic story : that of a french fan born too late to meet his idol. After a heart attack in 2013, he writes and tells modestly in his book his story and of how he became one of the largest collector of the Little Dragon in Europe... This work recounts a life heavily marked by the Little Dragon, a life inadvertently influenced by Bruce Lee's philosophy, from the start of Lionel's youth to he present day. Find out all about this little boy, now a man, as he tells his life story from the defining events to the adventures, travels, first TV appearance, exhibitions, encounters, his website ... So many events bringing him closer to his idol every day. Passionate, incredible and at times moving, he narrates with great sincerity for the simple pleasure of sharing his story and his passion with us. A tribute also to a man who changed the world, not only of cinema and martial arts, testament to the greatness of Bruce Lee. Sharing his passion has always been close to his heart and at the same time, he makes you discover in photos hundreds of objects of his collection and his events, each one more incredible than the one before. Discover his amazing story that "links" him to this legend.


BONUS : exclusive interview, documents and rare photos.
With the participation of authors & historians Steve Kerridge & David Tadman.

470 pages - Size 8.5 x 11 inches.

Available in paperback format.

Publisher : Self-publishing (Lionel Boulet).

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