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Sarah : The Tears of the Crow

- Detroit, 1992. The crime and chaos spreading throughout the city is about to disappear when a series of events will disrupt everything. Young Sarah will be scarred to the depths of her soul when she confronts her past, her present is her future. But who is she in reality and will she be able to face her destiny?


* A work of vertiginous darkness in an oppressive and violent world, directly inspired by the film directed by Alex Proyas, taken from the comics created by James O'Barr.


This book is a short novel (short story) in the genre Drama / Thriller / Fantasy.


WARNING : Some texts and statements may offend the sensibilities of younger people as well as the uninformed.

131 pages - Size 5.5 x 8.5 inches.
Available in paperback formats.

Publisher : self-publishing (Lionel Boulet).




My book Sarah: The Tears of the Crow was inspired by a part of my life, my earliest childhood to be exact, following the death of my father on December 13, 1985, when I was 7 years old. Later, in 1994, I saw Alex Proyas' movie, The Crow, and it was a real revelation for me: that day, without knowing it, I associated the two and my book was born in a corner of my head. But it is much later, during the first confinement due to the covid that I was going to put on paper this idea which had matured for a long time. And so was born my very first short novel of a dramatic thriller genre mixed with a hint of fantasy, Sarah: The Tears of the Crow.

Originally written as a direct sequel to the movie The Crow, the story had to be adapted so that anyone could read it without even knowing the movie that has become a cult today. The story of "Sarah", just like the movie, has a realistic, dark and violent atmosphere, but where love is carried to its paroxysm.

After the book was released in late 2019, I was able to have the book translated into American English. Since the summer of 2020, the English-speaking public has also been able to discover it thanks to a collaboration with one of the characters in the film. Luckily, the latter having loved my vision of the story, helped me with enthusiasm for the American adaptation... As the months went by, I was surprised to discover that other actors and actresses from the film were supporting my book by sharing it on social networks...

So, fan or not of the movie The Crow, I hope you'll enjoy this book, just as I enjoyed writing it and revealing myself.

Have a good reading,

Lionel Boulet




* Sarah: The Tears of the Crow is a fan-book inspired by The Crow movie and comics franchise, but the original idea of the book is first and foremost a personal story of the author, of his own traumatic experiences from his childhood to today. That's why The Crow helped his a lot. The author behind Sarah: The Tears of the Crow are in no way affiliated with the copyright owners and shareholders of The Crow movies and comic franchise. The author just a fan who wrote this book for the fans and to make other people discover a cinematic masterpiece as well as the comics. This is why some text/quotes may therefore refer to certain scenes in the movie.


The book is very emotional.
Being sensitive and very fond of best sellers, thrillers and tragic destinies, I was pleasantly surprised by the content.
I was captivated, even too much so, because the only regret I have is that I would have really liked to go into the details of the revenge, the life of this family: a before and after, I would have liked a 300 page book so much I was captivated by the touching story of a daughter to her mother and a father to his child. A story at the same time bloody, which also teaches on the one hand a protection, an irrational revenge present only in a dream but very alive in our psyche. The love between parents and children, the generosity of a third person at the end. I also regret not having a continuation on the future of Sarah. The destiny of her mother in wanting to protect her daughter upset me and I even had a small tear at this passage, a wave of emotions all confused made me travel and accompanied me in the book and it is what I like "to read while living myself the history or quite simply to recognize at the bottom a part of oneself by analyzing each detail, each action made". What is good about this book is that we have the unreal and the real of life and death. In some passages we recognize a part of ourselves because we have surely lost a loved one, felt the same anger or the same sadness. The same friendship or the same love. The same bonds or only loneliness when she finds herself locked up by her dream and her bitter revenge or even the pre-drama.
I recommend the book and plan to buy bruce lee. I hope another book comes out but this time with 300 pages so I can devour it in days not hours as it is mesmerizing. I am kept in suspense for the next ones if there are more to come.

An autobiography of the author too would be really interesting considering the last pages of the book.
Thank you for this book! And nice work!

Ps: without watching the movie you will understand the book perfectly. If you are someone who analyzes a lot, who is interested in everything that is psychology or irrational behavior due to emotional shocks, do not hesitate to read it.

Panpan (France)

"Amazon Customer"

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