Sarah : The Tears of the Crow

- Detroit, 1992. The crime and chaos spreading throughout the city is about to disappear when a series of events will disrupt everything. Young Sarah will be scarred to the depths of her soul when she confronts her past, her present is her future. But who is she in reality and will she be able to face her destiny?


* A work of vertiginous darkness in an oppressive and violent world, directly inspired by the film directed by Alex Proyas, taken from the comics created by James O'Barr.


This book is a short novel (short story) in the genre Drama / Thriller / Fantasy.


WARNING : Some texts and statements may offend the sensibilities of younger people as well as the uninformed.

This book is not only written for fans of the movie The Crow. Discover the story of Sarah and the author!

131 pages - Size 5.5 x 8.5 inches.
Available in paperback formats.

Publisher : self-publishing (Lionel Boulet).


* Sarah: The Tears of the Crow is a fan-book inspired by The Crow movie and comics franchise, but the original idea of the book is first and foremost a personal story of the author, of his own traumatic experiences from his childhood to today. That's why The Crow helped his a lot. The author behind Sarah: The Tears of the Crow are in no way affiliated with the copyright owners and shareholders of The Crow movies and comic franchise. The author just a fan who wrote this book for the fans and to make other people discover a cinematic masterpiece as well as the comics. This is why some text/quotes may therefore refer to certain scenes in the movie.


I just finished "Sarah : The Tears of the Crow" by Lionel Boulet. Before I plunged into the author's first short novel, I watched the film " The Crow " by Alex Proyas and looked at some plates of the comic of the same name (The film is an adaptation of the Comic). " The Crow ", an absolutely sublime film ! I'm not a big fan of gothic cinema, too dark films with few colors but " The Crow " made me change my mind ! The movie is not only dark, violent, gothic, rock and action !! This movie is above all a love story !
And this novel takes up all the codes of the film, we are immersed in the same universe, the same atmosphere, the same violence, physical or verbal. We find again this feeling of love and revenge ! I devoured "Sarah : The Tears of the Crow". It reads quite quickly and is superbly well written! It's a true masterpiece of Gothic literature!!! I had become attached to the character of Sarah in the film version, this little street kid, and I loved her in the novel !!! I recommend this reading !!!

nanoulafourmi (France)

"Blogger and literary critic"